4th Nov 2014

Chef Tal Ronnen

Today, Americans fondly embrace vegan food, thanks to the culinary skills of our brilliant chefs! Many vegans adore each one of them as they continue to enthral us with a range of delicacies that appease our taste buds and satisfy our never-ending craving for delicious vegan food.

Here’s our pick of the 7 best vegan chefs in America:

Chef Tal Ronnen — He’s tall, he’s thin and he’s everything an extraordinary chef could be. There’s definitely a lot to this vegan chef who has become a hot favorite among celebs, be it our very own Oprah Winfrey or the gorgeous Portia de Rossi! He’s won their hearts for sure and continues to delight many. A visitor at Crossroads, LA. Chef Tal prides himself of offering delicious vegan food that does a world of good to your health and leaves you feeling better by the day. It makes for an offer that few can resist.

Chef Wes Hannah — Well, he cooks like a pro and cares about our animal friends a great deal. Warm, caring, and gifted with nimble fingers, he can fix a mouth-watering, super-healthy dish in no time. His lasagna is worth killing for and his fans swear that he’s as good looking as his dishes are. Chef Hannah’s Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Timbale is just one of the many specialties served at Blossoming Lotus, where fans keep coming back for more.

Chef Beverly Lynn Bennett — She’s rightly called the ‘Vegan Chef’ and is famous for preparing deliciously healthy, organic and gluten-free vegan dishes. She hosts the Vegan Chef website and is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Vegan Living. Bennett turned vegetarian way back in 1987 and swears by the goodness of veggies even today.

Chef Rich Landau — Chef “Rich” Landau has a knack of cooking vegan food that’ll dazzle all your senses and leave your taste-buds completely satisfied and elated. His dishes are entirely plant-based and redefine vegan delicacies. Landau’s grilled seitan is said to be exquisite, divine and a must-try. Also, his cookbook titled Vegan is said to be a breakthrough of sorts in vegetarian cooking.

Chef Katie Higgins — Our very own “Chocolate Covered Katie” lives up to her name and amazes us with her scrumptious desserts time and again! Her ingenuity and never-say-die attitude makes her a sought after vegan chef and her fans swear by her culinary skills. Just like her cakes and cookies, Katie herself is sweet, saucy and completely indulging!

Chef Roberto Martin — Chef Roberto is a man of few foods and loves to experiment with food. He’s known for his steadily increasing celebrity clientele and his willingness to quickly adapt to vegan cooking. Once he made the shift, he strives to bring to light the umpteen possibilities of vegetarian cooking. And, we must add he makes for quite the television star.

Chef Ani Phyo — Not only is she a world-class chef but also nutritionist extraordinaire! She encourages everyone to take the organic path and enjoy a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Famous for her exquisite culinary skills, Phyo is known to delight many a palate with her wholesome, raw-ingredients based dishes.


These chefs are continually creating mouth-watering meals for vegans in the United States and we are happy to adore them!