About Spanky’s Kitchen

Spanky’s Kitchen is an innovative manufacturer of premium plant-based vegan foods. We are proud to introduce a new line of brownies, cookies and blondies made with natural ingredients and nutritious coconut oil which makes our products taste uniquely special. Delicious snacks for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians! Indulge and remember plant-based foods are better for your health and for our environment.

This new premium product line of delicious baked goods was created by our Executive Chef Steven Tedesco. A native New Yorker, Steven was nicknamed “Spanky” by his childhood friends given he was a little rascal. Chef Steven has extensive culinary experience in New York City. Over the years he gained a reputation for creating innovative vegan products, his specialty being desserts. What is his secret ingredient for delicious, decadent desserts? Sorry we cannot reveal, but with Chef Steven’s help we have opened Spanky’s Kitchen so we can provide the Metro New York marketplace with a line of premium plant-based vegan baked goods. They taste better than regular baked products made with dairy. Experience Spanky’s Kitchen’s desserts.

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