Best airports for vegan friendly food

Is it possible for a vegan to get vegan-friendly food at airports? Many vegans limit their travel itinerary just because they fear they will not be able to get their selection of vegan food at airports or at most travel destinations.  However, veganism should not prevent you from traveling as vegetarianism is now a globe trend.

When traveling to USA you will find that many airports have vegan restaurants. So fear neither a delayed flight nor a halt before you catch your next flight for an onward trip. The John F. Kennedy International Airport boasts plenty of vegan food including vegan sandwiches, wraps, and noodles, and plenty of fruit juices. Just step into the Cibo Express Gourmet Market and you will have plenty of vegan food options to choose from. Newark Liberty International Airport has the same branch in Terminal B. So don’t go hungry but walk into the store for some suitable snacks.

Just like the city, San Francisco International Airport also caters to vegans. As the name suggests Plant Café in Terminal 2 is where vegan food is available. Veganism has become a way of life in San Francisco so this chain restaurant at the airport offers non-meat eating travelers salads, juices and cupcakes for the sweet toothed and of course you cannot miss their signature beet burger.

If it is warm vegan food you are looking for as you travel in and out of Chicago then the Mexican restaurant – Burrito Beach is where you should head for at the busy O’Hare International Airport. They have a menu with clearly marked vegetarian and vegan options and warm foods keep everyone happy. Here too the airport has a Cibo Express Gourmet Market which rescues vegans hankering for some non-meat options.

Besides America If you travel to Europe, Dublin Airport in Ireland is one of the most vegan – friendly airports as there are many options on offer here. If you just want a light breakfast or snack then juices and smoothies at ‘Jump’ will do the trick. At ‘Boots’ that you can pick up a real filling meal with a deal to boot which consists of Fresh Organics Bugsy hummus and carrot sandwich, snack like chips or granola bar and a smoothie. There is also a ‘Boots’ outlet at London Heathrow International.

Brisbane Airport has the ‘Noodle Box’ for vegans who want to travel to Australia. Other airports that offer the vegan option are Mexico City and Zurich Switzerland at outlets like 100 Natural and Asian Place.

If you travel frequently and you are stuck for healthy food at airports then your best bet would be to look for Mexican, Asian or Middle Eastern outlets. If not, then you’ll just have to search the length and breadth of airport food courts for fruit, salads, nuts and maybe chips. Energy bars may not be fully satisfactory but they sure will keep you from starving.