Best vegan magazines to read.

Need inspiration for your next fabulous meal? Longing for a community of like-minded socially conscious, vegans such as yourself? Look no further than these scrumptious vegan magazines!

Vegetarian Times

This is by far the most well known of the vegetarian and vegan magazines on this list, and it’s main objective is to inform those who are new to this style of living. The recipes found in Vegetarian Times are typically straight forward, and use every day, wholesome ingredients.

VegNews Magazine

Perhaps a lesser known, but equally as reputable vegan magazine, is VegNews Magazine. Many vegans recommend this magazine to friends and family members, as well as those who are just starting out on their vegan journey. This publication has plenty of colorful pictures, and a variety of different articles, including celebrity vegetarians and vegans, city spotlights, and of course recipes, all wrapped up in a spunky, clever theme.

Vegan Food Magazine

How could there be a definitive list of best vegan magazines without a shout out to the one, the only, Vegan Magazine!! This publication has a little something for everyone, from informative articles, to crosswords for the kiddos, and even senior nutrition tips and tricks. If you could only get one magazine from this list, it should probably be Vegan Magazine.

Chickpea Magazine

This whole foods and vegan magazine is published quarterly, and you can receive it either online or in print. Focused on the community of veganism, Chickpea offers personal testimonials, photo essays, recipes, interviews, and basically anything and everything pertaining to the life and love of a vegan. This magazine really has it all, and if you had to support one grass roots informational movement about vegan lifestyle, this is the one you should pick.

Natural Health Magazine

While this isn’t a strictly vegan magazine, Natural Health focuses on leading a generally healthy lifestyle. You’ll find all kinds of articles and tips on fitness, mental health, as well as recipes, which if they aren’t already vegan, can easily be altered to fit your preferences. The biggest advantage to reading magazines like Natural Health, is that you will get the chance to read and interact with material that doesn’t necessarily fit into your worldview; and that’s ok!

Animal People Magazine

This isn’t your typical vegan magazine, but the news stories are unique and thought provoking. Typically, the topics include animal welfare from a global perspective, such as dolphin rescue to bush meat poaching in Kenya. These aren’t your run of the mill stories that can be found online, and it is a nice supplement to other vegan magazines focused on food. For those interested, there are of course plenty of articles to be found on the injustices of animal farming.

Grrr! Magazine

PETA’s magazine just for kids is full of fun crosswords and games with a focus on vegetarian and vegan values. The best part about this magazine, is that it’s absolutely free!