31st Aug 2015

Recently, Today’s Dietitian released a list of foods with surprising amounts of fiber, many of which are plant-based. You might be wondering, what’s so great about fiber? Fiber provides more than just “roughage.” High-fiber foods are a great source of […]

3rd Aug 2015

The endless buzz around plant-based diets has opened the doors for innovative food products. Consequently Spanky’s Kitchen is excited to be a market leader in the plant-based foods arena.  A new Culinary Institute of America-sponsored report from the market research […]

20th Jul 2015

Who’s anxious to bite into a brownie made with algae? According to a presentation hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists, algae, quinoa and legumes are considered by some food technologists to be the best alternative protein sources to slow […]

4th Nov 2014

Vegan recipes for kids are the easiest recipes going and there are plenty of them delicious as well as healthy. Try these vegetarian dishes on your stubborn kids and they are going to love you for it! All you need […]

4th Nov 2014

Are you a vegan and don’t know where to travel? Since veganism has become popular worldwide, restaurants hotels and resorts have begun to cater to the plant-based foodie. Some vacation destinations are friendlier to vegans than others. Countries like India […]

4th Nov 2014

Is it possible for a vegan to get vegan-friendly food at airports? Many vegans limit their travel itinerary just because they fear they will not be able to get their selection of vegan food at airports or at most travel […]

22nd Oct 2014

Keep warm this winter with these cozy vegan soup recipes. They are the perfect winter recipes to share with family and friends! Split Pea Soup Ingredients -2 cups dried green split peas, rinsed -7 cups of water -3 tablespoons of […]

22nd Oct 2014

It’s slow-cooker season…. And you know what that means….. It’s time for warm and delicious soups, stews, dips, steel-cut oats, warm holiday drinks, and more! (All vegan, of course) So break out the slow-cooker, and get ready to enjoy some […]

22nd Oct 2014

Good grocery shopping lists are essential for healthy vegans, and especially new vegans. And we have all been there..Making the switch to veganism can be tough..and knowing what to buy is confusing at first. But, it doesn’t have to be […]

14th Oct 2014

Is giving up cheese stopping you from becoming a vegan? Well you’re not alone. Many people couldn’t even imagine living without cheese…Unfortunately, that may be because you’re actually addicted to cheese. Cheese contains casein, the protein in dairy, which is […]