31st Aug 2015

Recently, Today’s Dietitian released a list of foods with surprising amounts of fiber, many of which are plant-based. You might be wondering, what’s so great about fiber? Fiber provides more than just “roughage.” High-fiber foods are a great source of […]

14th Jul 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Here at Spanky’s Kitchen we take great pride in the quality ingredients we use to create our brownies, blondies and cookies. We’re proud of our plant-based treats that follow […]

14th Oct 2014

Is giving up cheese stopping you from becoming a vegan? Well you’re not alone. Many people couldn’t even imagine living without cheese…Unfortunately, that may be because you’re actually addicted to cheese. Cheese contains casein, the protein in dairy, which is […]

10th Oct 2014

Whether you have been living the vegan lifestyle for decades, or just became a vegan last week, finding new and interesting vegan recipes to cook and serve guest is always of interest. However, for those new to cooking or new […]

10th Oct 2014

  If you are considering switching from a meat based diet to a vegan lifestyle, you may be wondering how you will get the vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, and that full satisfied feeling once you stop eating meat […]

2nd Oct 2014

You know it, I know it, we all know: it can be difficult to be a vegan! Regardless of if it’s your first week, month, or decade of living the vegan lifestyle, we all go through ups and downs. At […]

2nd Oct 2014

Need inspiration for your next fabulous meal? Longing for a community of like-minded socially conscious, vegans such as yourself? Look no further than these scrumptious vegan magazines! Vegetarian Times This is by far the most well known of the vegetarian […]

27th Sep 2014

Veganism is not just a healthy alternative, but a belief in a way of life. Emphasizing equality and coexistence Vegan Outreach is fighting against animal cruelty, and providing the truth about vegan benefits. Using a myriad of mediums– internet, news, […]

25th Sep 2014

  We have all felt the fatigue and stress of life. Sometimes we feel drained of energy, or consumed with a toxin-based sickness, that attempts to suck us down like quicksand. Even the healthiest vegan diet is still culpable to […]

25th Sep 2014

Any vegan will tell you that there are numerous health benefits of a vegan diet. Vegans have the most alluring bodies and a healthy libido. It’s not just the actual sex, but the food that’s sensual. We all know the joys […]