20th Jul 2015

Who’s anxious to bite into a brownie made with algae? According to a presentation hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists, algae, quinoa and legumes are considered by some food technologists to be the best alternative protein sources to slow […]

26th Jun 2015

Wow! What a great show last weekend in Brooklyn. Spanky’s Kitchen set up a booth at the Seed Experience Expo, a showcase of specialty vegan food and products. Over 100 vendors were in attendance and we were happy to be […]

22nd Jun 2015

The team here at Spanky’s Kitchen just participated in The Seed Experience Expo and Conference in Brooklyn this past weekend. Great event! We are still trying to catch our second wind. Besides the positive feedback we received at our booth, […]

22nd Oct 2014

Good grocery shopping lists are essential for healthy vegans, and especially new vegans. And we have all been there..Making the switch to veganism can be tough..and knowing what to buy is confusing at first. But, it doesn’t have to be […]

3rd Oct 2014

We vegans are hip, trendy, and sexy, and we don’t just care about food. We love our iPhones as much as the next guy or gal. So here are some awesome iPhone Apps that you need to know about. Go […]

3rd Oct 2014

Are you excited to get started on your new vegan adventure, but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’re a veteran vegan, but the only Trader Joe’s within 45 miles just closed down, and you’re tired of eating salad […]

2nd Oct 2014

You know it, I know it, we all know: it can be difficult to be a vegan! Regardless of if it’s your first week, month, or decade of living the vegan lifestyle, we all go through ups and downs. At […]

2nd Oct 2014

Need inspiration for your next fabulous meal? Longing for a community of like-minded socially conscious, vegans such as yourself? Look no further than these scrumptious vegan magazines! Vegetarian Times This is by far the most well known of the vegetarian […]

27th Sep 2014

Veganism is not just a healthy alternative, but a belief in a way of life. Emphasizing equality and coexistence Vegan Outreach is fighting against animal cruelty, and providing the truth about vegan benefits. Using a myriad of mediums– internet, news, […]

25th Sep 2014

  We have all felt the fatigue and stress of life. Sometimes we feel drained of energy, or consumed with a toxin-based sickness, that attempts to suck us down like quicksand. Even the healthiest vegan diet is still culpable to […]