Why you need to break free from dairy

Is giving up cheese stopping you from becoming a vegan? Well you’re not alone. Many people couldn’t even imagine living without cheese…Unfortunately, that may be because you’re actually addicted to cheese.

Cheese contains casein, the protein in dairy, which is a known carcinogen (yes, cheese can lead to cancer). If thats not even to make you stop eating cheese, stick around to find out more.

When our digestive system breaks down casein it releases casomorphins (naturally occurring opiates). Casomorphins mimic the reaction of morphine on our brain. The opiates found in dairy products are both mentally and physically addictive. Every time you eat dairy, you feed an addiction, whether you realize it or not….. your body is craving dairy.

Cheese has the highest concentration of casein of any other dairy product, hence why so many people love cheese. Most people don’t even realize that they are literally hooked on cheese. There are several other health issues that have been linked to dairy (and cheese), including osteoporosis.

If you’re wondering how to break your cheese addiction, there is a large variety of vegan cheeses on the market today. Daiya Foods offer a variety of cream cheese, cheese slices, cheese wedges, and cheese shreds, which are all dairy-free, of course!

Luckily for us vegans, giving up cheese has never been easier, and vegan cheese options are only expanding!