Top 5 best places for Vegans to travel to

Are you a vegan and don’t know where to travel?

Since veganism has become popular worldwide, restaurants hotels and resorts have begun to cater to the plant-based foodie. Some vacation destinations are friendlier to vegans than others.

Countries like India and Sri Lanka traditionally cater more to veganism than others because of religious practices.

We listed 5 of the best and friendliest destinations for vegan food.


If you wish to travel in Europe then Berlin is the city for you. It is known as the vegan Mecca in Europe. Many University towns cater to the vegans since they have a student population from all over the world. Restaurants and cafes offer labeled vegan selections on their menus in Berlin.  Since Berlin has a vast multicultural population, vegetarians and vegans get can get food more easily than in other German towns. So if you are a vegan in Berlin, you will not go hungry!


You will be surprised at the number of vegetarians and vegans in London. If you travel to London you will see how London restaurants have elevated vegan dining to new heights. London is dotted with vegan restaurants, with a new one mushrooming every now and then. With a huge Asian population and also because Londoners have changed their eating habits after the outbreak of mad cow disease, there is no dearth of vegetarian and vegan eateries here. London’s amazing sights and vegan dining options make it a delightful destination for the non-meat eater.

San Francisco

San Francisco offers great weather, lovely hills to walk in, bays, bridges and plenty of vegan restaurants. You will be amazed by the number of health food stores, upscale vegan restaurants, organic eateries and cafes, where vegan is not some strange word. To Paul McCartney goes the credit of setting the plant-based trend here with his Meat Free Monday campaign.


If you would like to travel to the east then Singapore is the right place for you. Vegan food can be found in the up -market restaurants as well as in the traditional hawker market. Tofu is something that Singaporean menus love to have. Vegan restaurants are aplenty also because of Singapore’s dominant South Indian population.

Taipei, Taiwan

The Buddhist influence has ensured that veganism remains intact. An inverted swastika sign on a restaurant door probably means it serves vegetarian and vegan food. If you travel to Taipei you’ll find plenty of museums and more than a hundred vegan options including the mock meat dishes. Remember to have the vegan App on your smartphone so you can easily find restaurants if you don’t understand Chinese.

Of course there are still plenty of other options if you wish to travel elsewhere where vegan food is available.

In Africa there is Egypt and Ethiopia Shanghai in China and Penang in Malaysia, Thailand and cities like Portland, Austin and New York in the USA.