25th Sep 2014

Any vegan will tell you that there are numerous health benefits of a vegan diet. Vegans have the most alluring bodies and a healthy libido. It’s not just the actual sex, but the food that’s sensual.

We all know the joys of veganism in both the kitchen and the bedroom. They coexist fueling each other. The people that know this have excelled in both areas, and luckily for us they have posted their stories for us to follow. I present to you, the top ten sexiest vegan blogs to follow.

Counting down from ten, these blogs are sure to excite your appetite:

9: THE SEXY VEGAN – To satisfy your palate with sexy food check out The Sexy Vegan. An amazing collection of recipes that make cooking sensual again. It’s not sexual in a physical sense– hence the tenth place– but the bevy of recipes available will make your mouth drool!!

8: SEXY VEGAN MAMA – Again another recipe site. The aesthetic alone is enough to make your mouth salivate. Perfectly laid out to showcase each dish with correlated recipes. The layout of the site alone is sexy, let alone the images of the food.

7: GLOBAL VEGAN – Now this is where it starts getting spicy! Still centered in food, but loaded with libidinal information. Showcasing each particular food’s asset to your own desire. If you’re looking to make the perfect aphrodisiac filled meal, check this site out.

6: SMART SEXY VEGAN – The name sums it up! A smart sexy vegan sharing her stories. Her stories aren’t sexual, but her confidence, and intelligence surely make her sexy! If you want a collection of good stories from a smart sexy vegan- check this site out.

5: SEXY TOFU – Sexy tofu has a collection of multiple genres to read about. Food, relationships, and SEX! All centered on the vegan lifestyle. This is where it starts heating up. Check out the home page and choose your passion!

4: HAPPY COW – The view on the home page alone will get your heart pulsing. It’s a killer collection of multiple blogs and forums dedicated to almost anything. All in the name of veganism, that is!

3: THE BANANA GIRL –  It’s an awesome collection of vegan information that will peak your mental interest. Her motto is go fruit yourself, and she’s as zany as her site. Still there is plenty of information available that will make you glad you visited.

2: THE VEGAN WOMAN – Another collective site with multiple blogs available. Ranging from vegan food to vegan families, this information alone is worth it to any conscious vegan. Pursue your own inner beauty through the information available on this site.

1: MY VEGAN HEART BLOG – Simple and sweet. This blog has a simplistic feel with numerous amounts of information. You can gain vegan knowledge about scientific studies, vegan politics, sexy drinks, and much more.

Veganism is a way of life and each one of these sites and blogs epitomize this way of life. The allure is in the passion. Their passion makes them sexy. Guess what though, we vegans take responsibility for these passions and values!