Veganism: The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle and Moral Enlightenment

Veganism is not just a healthy alternative, but a belief in a way of life. Emphasizing equality and coexistence Vegan Outreach is fighting against animal cruelty, and providing the truth about vegan benefits. Using a myriad of mediums– internet, news, protests, person to person, and the new Adopt a College program– Vegan Outreach is pursuing a new enlightened conscience. Gone are the days of ignorance and excuses. Shedding light on the atrocities committed against animals simply to satiate a gluttonous palate; Vegan Outreach is spreading the word of peace!


Being a vegan is a way of life and moral enlightenment- not a design for personal aesthetics. Though if you are in the latter category we true vegans do not disdain you. Instead we applaud any lifestyle change that embraces peace and ethics. We only aspire that you read up on the material available and adapt a new philosophy. Thanks to the efforts of Vegan Outreach there is a plethora information available!

Vegan Outreach is a nonprofit organization that offers free materials to start the path to veganism. Amongst this altruism is a vast amount of information and veritable illumination. Reaching hundreds of thousands of college students each year through the Adopt a College program. Through an extensive network they seek to expose the maliciousness of farms and cattle stockyards.

If you are a vegan then you are probably reading this nodding- and kudos to you! If you are not a vegan you may be realizing the veracity in these words, or downright laughing in mockery. Animal cruelty is no joke and Vegan Outreach will continue to educate people on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Outreach uses an extensive advocacy group to raise awareness to this violence in the most peaceful way. Free pamphlets and speeches, rampant protests of awareness. Once you actually perceive the perversion and murder inherent in the meat trade- you will not be able to savor meat again.

If you are a vegan trying to pursue the cause that Vegan Outreach supports, please do not give up. Knowledge is the key to any victory, and Vegan Outreach is providing this knowledge for the furthering of this cause. If you do eat meat then please simply check out Vegan Outreach’s website, and see for yourselves. Make your own judgments, and let truth illuminate the propaganda of the meat industry.